netcat – The Mighty One


Once in awhile sshd will break on your server, maybe after an update and you need to send long lines, maybe a cipher list from one server to another. Typing on console it’s an option […]

Puppet, FreeBSD & Self-Signed SSL


Puppet on FreeBSD connecting to servers using a self-signed certificate.

Enable Debug For Shell Scripts


Debugging shell scripts comes handy, especially when unexpected things happen. Trust me, they do. I use two different approaches, based on what’s needed: debug while running it or when ran in the background, maybe by […]

M1 Mac F4 -> Launchpad


On M1 Mac’s F4 was mapped to Finder. I wonder why since you can easily start Finder with Cmd ⌘ + Space. To remap F4 you can run the following one line command from Terminal: Credit […]

Easily Combine Images On a Mac


Install imagemagick (from MacPorts or Homebrew): port install imagemagick or brew install imagemagick convert +append source_image1.jpg source_image2.jpg source_image2.jpg combined.jpg Voilà! You can combine multiple images not just three. You can also do convert +append * […]

Failed To Create Java Virtual Machine – macOS

If you are using macOS and Apache Directory studio there is a chance you’ve met this error message: Below fix should work in most cases. Find out where is your jdk directory then update Info.plist […]

Comparing Ansible and CFEngine

Once in awhile I hear (since the pandemic mostly see on chat) people comparing Ansible and CFengine: this is better, that is better. etc. I use both and like both, I think both have their […]