Mazda CX-5 DSC, TPMS Warnings

This post is here to save you from frustration, trips to a car shop and money.

If you happen to have the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) & TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) warnings on your dashboard in the same time you might not have issues with any of those rather with your break light switch! They can show up together with the Engine System Malfunction warning. If your car is push button start the green LED on the button might not turn green while pressing the break pedal, as it does during normal operation.

Sounds odd but replacing the break light switch can solve the issue, at least on 2013-2017 models.

break light switch

The break switch is located under the steering wheel compartment, right above the break pedal, the only required tool is a flat had screwdriver or even a house/car key that you can use to push out the connector from the switch. There is not much room for your hands and the air duct is also in your way, be patient and careful not to hurt yourself or cut some cables.

Here is an excellent video how to replace it.

After replacing it you might need to start and stop the car a few times for the warnings to clean out. Good luck 🍀

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