Budapest – 2018

Here is recent gallery of Budapest. We have a long history together, these are the most recent part of the story. Under here pictures there are some videos as well.     <span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; […]

Then and Now

Queen live @ Budapest in 1986 Queen live @ Budapest in 2017 The whole concert from 1986 can be watched here, surprisingly good quality.

TURN ON your headlights

Dear people of Harrisburg, When it is dark outside turn on your headlights, when it is raining turn on your headlights. When it is raining in the dark definitely TURN ON your headlights! “I can […]

Wien (Vienna) – 2015

A couple days ago I spent a few -not so warm- but wonderful days in Vienna. I’ve been here before and it surprises me all the time. I truly believe Vienna is the most elegant city in […]

Germany – Munich

München is the safest city I’ve ever been. At least this is how it feels. Because nothing is for free you have to pay a high price for this. Everything is very expensive. By everything […]

Germany – Hohenzollern and Lichtenstein Castle

Because Neuschwanstein castle is to mainstream we’ve visited Hohenzollern Castle and Lichtenstein Castle. Basically when you hear somebody who is going to visit a castle in Germany it is going to be Neuschwanstein, it is boring. On the other […]

Meanwhile On the Other Side Of the World

Isn’t this funny, while some Hungarians are casting shadow on the name of their own land, some North Americans are placing Hungary’s name in spotlight.   Click here to see the original tweet:   […]

Hungary, Internet tax – 2014

[youtube]   Meanwhile on the streets of Budapest. Source [youtube]