Budapest – 2018

Here is recent gallery of Budapest. We have a long history together, these are the most recent part of the story. Under here pictures there are some videos as well.       

Then and Now

Queen live @ Budapest in 1986 Queen live @ Budapest in 2017 The whole concert from 1986 can be watched here, surprisingly good quality.

Instagram Gathering

This week we organized another Instagram gathering in Budapest. This time more than 20 people showed up, and I got the same feeling I have being in a hostel where I meet so many new […]


Néha elfeledjük milyen szép városban élünk, ilyenkor érdemes tágra nyitni a szemünket és körbe nézni, hátra hagyva minden politikai, gazdasági vagy bármilyen tényezőt mely befolyásolhatná a látványt.