MikroTik OpenDNS with DoH


OpenDNS is my preferred DNS service. This is how you can configure a MikroTik router for OpenDNS using DoH or DNS over HTTPS. Athe actual URL of the server, then, because you have no other […]

Block Adds With MikroTik


Ionut Micu created a cool MikroTik script to block adds by assigning to their hostname, similar to Pihole. This is basically the same I just included a few allow list that I usually use, […]

MikroTik Inter-VLAN Access


By default on MikroTik inter-VLAN communication is allowed. There is a chance this isn’t what you want to allow if you are using VLAN’s. This is how you can disable it: create firewall address lists […]

L2TP VPN on MikroTik


There are better documentations with more details on how to create an L2TP VPN via IPsec for Mikrotik, this one is mostly for my own notes. In case you are using the same subnet on […]

Mikrotik – Safe Mode


Whenever you work on a network device there is a chance that you execute the wrong command and you lose connection. This can be bad, mostly if you are far away from the device or […]

Mikrotik Script


Here is simple script which sends your IP address to your email, it will save you paying for a fix IP service from your ISP, unless you have a different case. :global ipadd; :global extinterface […]

Mikrotik with NetFlow on FreeBSD

A short how to adding NetFlow to Mikrotik using ntop and FreeBSD. FreeBSD is the best operating system you can go for your server. While Mikrotik is a budget router it is capable of many. […]