Germany – Hohenzollern and Lichtenstein Castle

Because Neuschwanstein castle is to mainstream we’ve visited¬†Hohenzollern Castle¬†and¬†Lichtenstein Castle. Basically when¬†you hear somebody who is going to visit a castle in Germany it is going to be Neuschwanstein, it is boring. On the other […]

Germany – Stuttgart

To me Stuttgart definitely seems to be the industry capital of Germany. Arriving with a train a huge Mercedes sign welcomes you, then the map of transportation, every direction is so obvious. You can tell […]

Autumn @ Kerepesi Cemetery

Yesterday we took a walk in Kerepesi Cemetery, one of the most silent places of Budapest. No car noise, no loud people, no dog bark. I also found the grave of Janos Arany, I’m glad […]

Diner @ Lancaster, PA

My first diner experience. It felt like in the movies. Just like Vincent and Jules from Pulp Fiction could have a breakfast next table. Anyhow, the food was awesome and a lot.