Nagiosql + icinga short how to

If you’ve ever gotten close to Nagios or Icinga then it is almost sure that you’ve also had to work with NagiosQL or something alike

It gave me a headache to configure properly Icinga and NagiosQL on Debian Wheezy. The point where I was stuck was making Icinga to actually use the configuration files generated by NagiosQL. In all of the tutorials I’ve found they are telling you to change something in nagios.cfg. But since the new version of Icinga 1 (Icinga 1.10) the nagios.cfg has been renamed to icinga.cfg and you can find it under /etc/icinga/icinga.cfg. Also, the hosts directory is called objects.
So in order to make NagiosQL and Icinga work together, after installing NagiosQL you have to change the following in /etc/icinga/icinga.cfg:

  • cfg_dir=/etc/nagios-plugins/config -> cfg_dir=/etc/nagiosql/config
  • cfg_dir=/etc/icinga/objects/ -> cfg_dir=/etc/nagiosql/hosts
  • You might also have to copy the /etc/icinga/objects/*.cfg files from /etc/icinga to /etc/nagiosql, you will find out if it is required or not when you start Icinga.
    By the way, this only solves the hosts, if you want to edit services as well through NagiosQL then that is a whole different issue.

    That’s it. In case you have questions feel free to ask, I’ll try to reply asap./p>

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