Frankenstein Castle

Frankenstein Castle, found on the top of Frankenstein Burg close to Darmstadt-Hesse is a nice hiking area filled with hikers and mountain bike riders. The area is quiet and gives you enough opportunities to find your own trail.

As walking by you can discover to ruins of the old castle from around 1200, we met an older historian who told us about Frankensteins legend. By the legend the person was doing experiments with dead bodies and he was actually able to make them move. But no magic here for somebody from the XXI. century. The secret is that he connected the corpses to an electrical network, the electricity made the muscles to move. Back in the old days who ever saw that it might believe that this is a miracle, it was indeed 🙂 Just for the record, the entrance is free to the castle yard, but if you are nice you can leave some euros in the box.

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