Failed To Create Java Virtual Machine – macOS

If you are using macOS and Apache Directory studio there is a chance you’ve met this error message: Below fix should work in most cases. Find out where is your jdk directory then update Info.plist […]

Comparing Ansible and CFEngine

Once in awhile I hear (since the pandemic mostly see on chat) people comparing Ansible and CFengine: this is better, that is better. etc. I use both and like both, I think both have their […]

Linux: Keep That Process Running

For whatever reasons a process can crash. The best is always to find out why and fix it. However, sometimes you can have higher priority tasks and you want that process to be running. With […]

NGINX Headers For Docker

In case you run docker behind nginx some of your container might need specific headers otherwise a browser trying to access them might want to connect to a local or private address, something like […]

How To Extend HDD

How to extend ZFS on FreeBSD How to extend ext4 on Ubuntu using LVM (Linux Volume Group)

LibreNMS & docker-compose


If you don’t know LibreNMS, it is a great monitoring tool with auto discovery, auto operating system detection, custom alert settings, extended application support and more. For details check out:, I was recently […]

Fun With /etc/cron.*

If you are reading this you probably know what /etc/cron.hourly/ , /etc/cron.daily/ and so on does. What you might not know is that on CentOS, RHEL, Fedora you can name a script living in these […]

MikroTik OpenDNS with DoH


OpenDNS is my preferred DNS service. This is how you can configure a MikroTik router for OpenDNS using DoH or DNS over HTTPS. Athe actual URL of the server, then, because you have no other […]