Are There Lions In the Mountains?


It’s been awhile since I’ve found myself here posting photos and things. Actually I’m busy with my life doing some new and pretty exciting things. You know, sometimes you might want to bring novelty into your life and let things to happen.

Today something happened. Apple announced Mac OS-X 10.8 aka. Mountain Lion. The guys from Palo Alto put some really neat things from iOS into the last release of desktop OS, like Notification Center, Messages, Twitter integration, Reminders, Notes, Share Sheets and more iCloud integration. You can check them out right here:

At the beginning of this year I could not resist anymore so I bought an iPhone (actually my second one). It’s simply great. I have a computer connected to the internet right in my pocket. Isn’t that awesome? So this tiny little thing has iMessage, a pretty cool Apple innovation I found myself using a lot with my friends. It is the easiest way to share photos and videos. Yeah, we had MMS many many years ago. But it was way too complicated; if you wanted to send a photo you had to navigate through the phone menu, press a dozen of keys ’til you could finally send the message. Not to mention the high price of a message. In case the recipient didn’t have enabled MMS on his phone, he just got  a text message including an URL, a username and a password, then the customer had to find a computer and type precisely that long and boring address into a browser’s URL bar and sign in to see the  MMS…bleeehhh, NO! iMessage has radically changed the way we share media over cell phones and hand-held devices, and NOW on computers too! WOW, stunning!

Okay, I guess we have to wait and see how actually works. And I am very impatient for this 🙂

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