ZFS snapshot on FreeBSD – Part 2

In my previous post I presented how to do live backups of a running FreeBSD server with ZFS snapshot, today I’m doing the follow up: how to increment that snapshot. If you have a big […]

National FreeBSD Day – 19th of June

Today is National FreeBSD Day! Why today? Because 23 years ago on this day, 19th of June was when the official name for this amazing operating system has been agreed upon: FreeBSD. A little email […]

FreeBSD and jails

ezjail is a perfect tool for jails. What it does is actually saving you a lot of keystrokes. It is a very nice bash script. When you create a new jail one of the task ezjail […]

Beastie stockings

The perfect Christmas present for a FreeBSD fan You can have yours from https://www.etsy.com/listing/496638945/freebsd-beastie-christmas-stocking