newsyslog: don’t rotate empty log files

My idea about not to rotate empty log files on FreeBSD has made it to newsyslog, yay ūüėÄ ! Big thanks for Dan Langille who made this happen!

newsyslog – config check

On FreeBSD the best way to rotate logs is using newsyslog. After you set up you want to try what would happen when log rotation occurs, this can be done with -n and -vv -n […]

Delete a Single Line From History

Did you ever wanted to remove a single line from your shell history? This is how you can easily do it: use: history -d line number to remove the line, for example history -d 431, […]


A reminder. If you are installing RaspBSD following the instruction from here¬†then the default disk size is going to be 2GB no matter the size of the Micro SD card you’re using. This can be […]

National FreeBSD Day – 19th of June

Today is National FreeBSD Day! Why today? Because 23 years ago on this day, 19th of June was when the official name for this amazing operating system has been agreed upon: FreeBSD. A little email […]

FreeBSD and jails

ezjail is a perfect tool for jails. What it does is actually saving you a lot of keystrokes. It is a very nice bash script. When you create a new jail one of the task ezjail […]

The UNIX system family tree: Research and BSD

One of my friends shared this link with me today. The UNIX system family tree: Research and BSD ——————————————— First Edition (V1) | Second Edition (V2) | Third Edition (V3) | Fourth Edition (V4) […]